Evolve – new gaming solution.

Evolve vpn it’s made for gamers. Are you hardcore gamer, or only a weekly player, this is made for you. It’s fast, well organised, good looking. Lots of positive opinion about it. But before you say ‘dear god, another tunngle crap’ just look what you can get, while using it 😉

First of all … easy to create party. All you need it’s a friend, or friends connected to evolve and that’s it. While creating a party, you can choose – public party, available for everyone, or private party, available only for friends you will invite to.

Universal Matchmaking







Need a few more players to join you or your friends for a quick match? Looking for a new server to play on? Evolve’s matchmaker works with 641 games and lets you search both in and out of game and for multiple games at the same time.

Not only that. I have been using evolve with ‘not supported’ games and it’s easy to play. simple is that.

Free VoIP







Powered by SILK, a top-notch wideband audio codec, Evolve’s free peer-to-peer VoIP system is tightly integrated with parties. Take advantage of configurable transmit modes and don’t forget to mute anyone who gets too annoying.

You don’t need ventrillo or mumble to comunicate with others. simply create party, wait for your friends to join and you can communicate with them. Noth enought ?

Gaming VPN

Skip the server browser! Every Evolve party is coupled with an auto-configured virtual private network. Native LAN IPs mean your games just work. And relays mean even your firewalled friends can play games with you.

How many times you just can’t play with your mates while ussing tunngle, because of it’s errors, or you simply can’t see them in netwrk ( public or private ? ) Well thats over now, with evolve.

Media Sharing

Capture screenshots and videos in your games and share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—all without leaving your game. And additional sharing targets are on their way!

But wait, there is more. How about that ?

Evolve and Twitch Partner to Provide Universal Game Broadcasting


Tired of having profiles everywhere? Evolve tracks your playtime in 2,327 games. You can show off your stats on other sites using a variety of stylish badges. You can even track your achievements!

More games to come. And now you can share with everything in one place.



Still using Tunngle ?



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